Zero for the Young Dudes!

King Alfred Theatre Arts present

Zero for the Young Dudes!

by Alistair McDowall

The inmates at a bizarre summer camp are plotting a revolution. Or has it already happened? Spending a day watching their schedule of exercise, lessons and meals, a long history of unrest and injustice lies hidden, and as the day wears on, a violent future looms large on the horizon. 

King Alfred Theatre Arts is founded by current University of Winchester students, with a key focus on encouraging inclusivity in the arts industry and the intention to encourage those from a lesser economically developed background to pursue a career in the arts. 

directed and produced by Josh Armstrong
directed by Alice Hatton

Deputy Stage Manager Lauren Ham
Assistant Stage Manager Becky Ross

Alice Hatton
Anette Andreassen
Andy Kedar
Charlie Small
Cassie Osbourne
Jordan Bullion
Rachael Oakley
Sonia Alves