The Upsetters

A Night of Short Plays

The Upsetters

by writers, directors and actors of colour

We stage short plays written by writers of colour, directed by directors of colour and performed by actors of colour in all roles unless the script specifies otherwise.

At the moment, we feel that theatre has an unconscious bias which we want to overcome by creating opportunities for those from underrepresented groups to have their work seen and performed.

We believe in accessibility, so here’s what we try to do to make our events more accessible to artists and audiences:
  • Paying artists.
  • Captioning events using The Difference Engine for D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences.
  • 100% subsidised rehearsal space through our partnership with Theatre Deli London.
  • Relaxed performances for neurodivergent audiences.
  • 10% of all tickets go to the Black Ticket Project.
  • Wheelchair accessible venue.

The Upsetters are completely unfunded but we’re committed to paying artists and ensuring our event is accessible, and that costs money. It means we will be charging £15 per ticket. That’s more than we would like but we hope you’ll understand what we’re trying to achieve.

The £15 goes towards ensuring people are paid and the event is accessible. But we also appreciate that it needs to be affordable. That’s part of accessibility too. With that in mind, we will be providing a number of discounted tickets to under 30s, concessions tickets as well as 10% of tickets to the Black Ticket Project which provides free theatre tickets to young black people.

If you would like to find out more about The Upsetters, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

100% subsidised rehearsal space provided by Theatre Deli London.
Captioning provided by The Difference Engine by Talking Birds Theatre Company.