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Jo’s winning at life. Her business is going brilliantly. She’s Cost Positive. She’s even on the telly. She’s a Deaf woman turning the hearing world on its head. Until the system turns on her.

A malevolent bureaucracy, the rise of alt-right politics, and the human lives caught in the middle all ask: what happens if you believe ‘it’ll never happen to me’?

The Process is told in BSL and spoken English. At moments of the show only BSL will be used; audience members who do not use BSL will not fully understand these conversations. At other moments only spoken English will be used; D/deaf audience members may not fully understand these conversations. This is part of the show’s design, and everyone will get a full story. The Process is fully accessible for BSL users and hearing audience members.

Every show will be performed in a relaxed environment, with relaxed performances on 21 and 28 January 2020, captioned performances available on selected dates through The Difference Engine, and an audio-described performance on 30th January.

Whatever your language, you're all part of The Process.

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The Process is supported by Arts Council England and the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.
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