The Enchanted

The Enchanted

Pharmacy Theatre Present


based on the novel by Rene Denfeld

"It's powerful and haunting and stays with you long afterwards."

"it’s rich, dark and has an intriguing storyline at its base"
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"this development from page to script is superb"
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"Go and see The Enchanted to really be transported into a world you didn’t know existed."
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Even monsters need peace. Even monsters need a person who truly wants to listen - to hear - so that someday we might find the words that are more than boxes. Then maybe we can stop men like me from happening...

Death row in America. Men sit in isolated dungeons awaiting execution. An investigator works tirelessly to save them. She will not let men go to their deaths without a fight. 

Reflecting on themes of evil, punishment, clemency and redemption, Rene Denfeld’s disturbing and poetic novel comes to life through performance, puppetry, choreography and sound in Pharmacy Theatre’s striking adaptation. 

When you walk on death row, you look for the light, for that scrap of sky


Post-Show Events

12th June - Dr Dana Mills - Dance and Politics

Catch an insight into the research of Dr Dana Mills on the 12th with this look into the intersections between dance and politics.

13th June - Dan Dolan, Reprieve and Julian B Knowles, Matrix Chambers
Learn more about those taking action in the field with Dan Dolan, Head of Policy at Reprieve, an organisation of human rights defenders who campaign against the death penalty. Dan Dolan leads Reprieve’s Stop the Lethal Injection Project (SLIP) and the Stop Aid for Executions (SAFE) Project.

Plus hear from barrister Julian B Knowles about his work in criminal and human rights law. His recent experience includes assisting the attorneys fighting to stop eight executions in 11 days in Arkansas earlier this year.

14th June - Angela Findlay 
Meet Angela Findlay on the 14th. Arts Coordinator for The Koestler Trust, Angela recently advised the Ministry of Justice on the inclusion of arts in their rehabilitation and education policies. She’ll be giving a talk on the arts in prisons and Young Offender institutions.

15th June - Grace Wyld, New Philanthropy Capital 
Come on the 15th to hear Grace Wyld of New Philanthropy Capital give a presentation on the role of the charity sector in criminal justice. Her talk will address how the voluntary sector ties into the current policy reform agenda, and the challenges it faces.

16th June - James Chelliah and Feven Eyob Michael
Book for the 16th to see fantastically talented spoken-word poets James Chelliah and Feven Eyob Michael follow up the show with a live performance of their work.

17th June  - Professor Elspeth Webb and Dr Mike Shooter
Come on the 17th for Cardiff University’s Honorary Professor of Child Health, Elspeth Webb, and Doctor Mike Shooter, former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, giving a talk on child development and mental health.