Three evenings of curious, (dis)honest and unhinged dance performance. 

Immerse yourself in the work of international artists working across varied dance contexts. Presenting a(truly) mixed bill each evening, engage with a weird, wild and wonderful variety of fresh, experimental performance. Screwed is a theme-free, artist-led event driven by a shared desire to engage with the public.


Saturday 29th July

Lorea & Hannah: Unbaptised Infants Part 1 
Helen Cox: double pendulum
Semttex: Enigma 
Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines: As We Like It 


Sunday 30th July

Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines: As We Like It 
Maria Miguel Rodrigues: NOW
Arunima Kumar: Burnt 
Lorea & Hannah: Unbaptised Infants Part 2
anthologyofamess: ƎɅOLVE                 


Monday 31st July

anthologyofamess: ƎɅOLVE 
Sam Pardes: What Have I Got To Show For It? 
Ryan Munroe: Love me in chains - part 1 - Gal Dem 
Cher Nicolette Ho: They 
Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines: As We Like It


About the Acts


Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines

As We Like It

Welcome to the world of the Hairy Heroines. Subtle, conflicted, playful and provocative games, both familiar and reinvented, underpin and undermine expressions of gender through dance and theatre.

Quick and the Hairy Heroines draw us unerringly through their irreverently fertile minds and light hearts to reveal a richness of observation played out with flamboyance, confidence and a fine sense of timing.’
Nicholas Minns -

Choreography | Orley Quick

Created with and Performed by | Diogo Fernandes de Jesus, Tyrrell Foreshaw and Elliot Minogue-Stone

Dramaturgy | Karla Ptáček

Costume Design | Giulia Scrimieri

Lighting Design | Joshua Gadsby

Costume Design | Giulia Scrimieri          

Costume Maker | Hania Kosewicz

Sound editing and recording | Alex Mitchell

Helen Cox

double pendulum

The motion of a single pendulum is wholly predictable, but when another pendulum is connected the movement becomes complex and uncertain. Acting as a metaphor for the interdependent relationships we have with those people close in our lives, we find that the stronger the connection, the more complex it becomes. In this duet we see two people push, pull, flourish and falter, but never stop.

It is one of the few dance works I have seen that stands on its own choreographic merits without any need or notes or explanations.’ -- Nicholas Minns, Writing About Dance

Choreographer | Helen Cox

Performers | Helen Cox, Andrew Oliver

Music | Showers of Ink, by Loscil. Elaenia, Nespole by Floating Points

Lighting Design | Lucy Hansom, Ric Mountjoy




Semttex is performing a solo and his movement quality combines contemporary dance with hip hop (what a load of common crap). He is currently still in dance training (yeah. probably for a long long long time) and will be attending Trinity Laban this year (I’m holding my laughter in now, STOP IT) . A solitude state of mind you generally find 5 (Semttex, stop chatting shit, they’re coming to see you shake your man boobs).

Will you shut up, I’m typing.



(1 and 4 is coming through)

I think Ten died.

Performed and choreographed by | SEMTTEX


Lorea Burge and Hannah Parsons

** Part 1 will be performed on Saturday and Part 2 on Sunday **

A duet in two parts, Unbaptised Infants is an ode to being confused. Poetry, not-poetry and rhythmic dancing will do (for now) in this ambitious attempt to find structure and meaning to life. Taking ownership of the unknown, there is nothing here to be understood. However, if you have any revelations please let us know.

The second the piece is over, you want to watch it again, to figure out how it works with hindsight
Sanjoy Roy -- The Guardian.

This project has been supported by: 4bid, Tipperary Dance Platform, Tetrad, Dance4, The Place, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Attenborough Arts Centre.


Arunima Kumar


Arunima Kumar presents Burnt , a South Asian dance theatre work. Arunima is the recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan award for Kuchipudi, and has performed in over 50 countries. An Artivist, she is known for her impactful neo Kuchipudi productions providing debate on gender issues . She was selected for the One Dance UK mentorship program, is mentored by Shobana Jeyasingh and has recently received the one dance uk choreographers commission. Arunima is accompanied by Linda Shanovitch: an accomplished singer/songwriter and dancer.

Choreographer and Performer | Arunima Kumar

Live Musician | Linda Shanovitch


Maria Miguel Rodrigues


NOW stems out of repetition and interval in a present body. Techno's sonic layers are offering a freer manner to explore time and its perception. Through the performing body, the unpredictable shifting between internal and external bodily awareness is highlighted.

Performed and choreographed by | Maria Miguel Rodrigues










anthologyofamess bring you their latest piece


four dancers

one track

and a

relentless need to never ever stop

stillness is already ricochet

sweat is nectar

on this occasion anthologyofamess are: Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe, Petra Söör and Robert Vesty


Cher Nicolette Ho


In 2013, Cher moved, from Singapore, to train in dance at Lewisham Southwark College and currently studies at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS). She has worked with Feet off the Ground , Just Us Dance Theatre , Greenwich Dance , Southbank and The Roundhouse for Circus Fest 2014. She currently dances with the Matsena Performance Theatre who will be performing at the Bunker Theatre in August.

They. , formerly a quartet, explores the performers individual journey to find their edge to free falling.


They will soar on wings like eagles,

They will run and not grow weary,

They will walk and not be faint.'

Choreographer | Cher Nicolette Ho

Performers | Elle Howard and Alexandra Pons

Other Collaborators | Giorgia Pirozzi and Jamie Simpson

Music | 'Lift' composed, arranged and produced by Kotzky Vendivel


Sam Pardes

What Have I Got To Show For It?

How can one finish something, or move on from past experience? How can I account myself and my history to an audience? Adopting the form of a (struggling) tap show, What Have I Got To Show For It? combines a confessional therapy session with a professional pitch, and in doing so questions the tangibility of my experience, education, and continued efforts to participate in the contemporary dance scene. While explicitly painting the relation between financial pressures and mental health, I attempt to convince myself, the audience and the institution of my worth as an artist.

Choreographed and Performed by | Sam Pardes 

Dramaturgy | Paul Hughes


Ryan Munroe

Love me in chains - part 1 - Gal Dem

With cultural appropriation being a current topic of conversation at the moment, whether it be person to person, via social media, theatre or television, we are hearing about it, what to do, what to say what not to say etc and all that's in between. What about the individual of the appropriation, what about the root? Are we now having to appropriate ourselves to fit in. Do we HAVE to play a game of cultural tetris with who we are, what we want people to see and what we think people see? What say ye...part 1 - the Gal Dem!

Come then.....

Choreographer | Ryan Munroe

Performers | Cherilyn Albert and Telisha McKenzie