Queen Cunt - Sacred or Profane?

Hannah Elsy Productions presents

Queen Cunt - Sacred or Profane?

created and performed by China Blue Fish & Deborah Antoinette

‘Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians’

Come and see us do all this, and more! 

Venus is about to collide with Earth! A multi-character melange of opinion paints the stage rainbow coloured, sequined, hairy and fleshy pink. Blending music, comedy, drag, movement, dance, buffon and the grotesque, Queen Cunt sees all power to the feminine, the wrathful, the sensual! In an age of Harvey Weinsteins, where passing trends compel some to surgical operation, where mainstream porn has hijacked sensuality, we delve into the wild waters of our womanhood, reclaiming the body in a joyful, dark and often anarchic exploration.

Why is it that the oldest term for the female genitalia in the English language is such a shocking and criminal expression? – Expect darkly comic, expect personal perspective, expect not turning a blind eye to gender based violence and expect a joyful reclaiming of the feminine, whilst unashamedly shedding light on the patriarchal systems that keep us all bound. With absurd sketches from characters ranging from Virgin Mary, to Theresa May, from Burt the drag king, to Frida Kahlo, this is a quest of two comedic female performers to tell it how it has never been told before! What is left that really is sacred and feminine, and what exactly is profane? Fuck capitalism, fuck abusing mother nature, lets all get together and make sweet love! 

“A queerly delightful sketch show that packs a political punch… An array of funny, alarming, sometimes relatable and always memorable characters.” ★★★★ LGBTQ Arts

Includes a post-show discussion with guest Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of Fawcett Society.
Chaired by Hannah Elsy.

Creators and Performers - China Blue Fish & Deborah Antoinette
Producer - Hannah Elsy Productions
Outside Eye - Holly Stoppit
Performing Stage Manager - Ella Evans / Philippa Hambly
Projected Performance - Naomi Smyth
Set Design & Flyer Illustration - Rose Popay
Prosthetics & Special Effects - Cecilia Brzzone
Costumiers - Susie Glatt, Donna Hole, Janet Taylor
Headdresses - Kate Hill
Technical Stage Manger & Lighting Designer - Will Leighton
Deputy Sound & Light Technician - Robert Turton
Charity Partners - Fawcett Society, Bristol Women’s Voice, Good Lad Initiative

Supported by Arts Council England

Presented in partnership with Lunette Cup
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