Sleepless present


by Alex Wood

as part of BREAKING OUT

What would happen if an immense proportion of self-identifying women across the world grew to be nine foot tall? 

Cara and Nate are a hard-working young couple looking to start a family. Together they’re bumbling through the daunting world of pregnancy tests, maternity clothes and flat pack cot building, all the while trying to come to grips with the terrifying responsibility of having to physically create an actual tiny human person. That is, until suddenly, inexplicably, agonizingly, a vast proportion of all the women in the world start to grow - centimetre by centimetre, foot by foot, with science powerless to stop them.

The world is in disarray, the entire structure upon which communities are built grinds to a shuddering halt. The awareness that women are now physically more powerful than men sends shockwaves through society, fracturing age-old assumptions and prejudices. How do political regimes react? What will happen to industry, media, families, sex? And, more importantly, what comes next? 

Sleepless Theatre Company strives to ethically produce bold, concept-driven work that cherishes the unique relationship between performers and audience. We dare, we flout the rules, we make mistakes and exist in that glorious, muddling crossover between intense ambition and logistical feasibility.

We challenge ourselves to always ask the question: “How can we enable the environment we provide to be suitable for everyone - from artists we work with to audience members who come to watch the theatre we create?”. We aim to offer an inclusive, accessible environment for all - not only enabling everyone to be able to work on or watch our theatre, but to make them feel welcome too 

Nine Foot Nine will be fully captioned throughout the run.

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There is an Access Pack for this performance, which can be downloaded HERE. Do contact us at [email protected] if you require any more information, or to let us know of any support we can provide during your visit.