The Bunker in association with Hampstead Theatre presents


by Terry Johnson

directed by Lisa Spirling
starring Terry Johnson and Jeremy Stockwell

The bad news is; we can all be done under the Public Mischief Act of 1872.
The good news is; the posters are ready!

1978, London. A 23 year old aspiring playwright in a rundown flat-share off the North End Road is wrestling with his masterpiece for the Royal Court. The house phone rings, the young man answers… a call for the person who used to occupy his room, recently moved to Amsterdam.  But even once this information is imparted, the man at the other end doesn’t hang up.  He’s called Ken.  And he’s about to change the young man’s life forever.
Olivier and Tony Award-winning writer Terry Johnson pays tribute to the truly original and unclassifiable Ken Campbell - maverick writer and theatre director, legendary practical joker and ‘one of the strangest people in Britain’ (The Guardian). With Terry Johnson and Jeremy Stockwell, Ken is the retelling of an extraordinary friendship from beginning to end, replete with wickedly funny anecdotes, magnificent hoaxes, and general chaotic lunacy – all infused with the spirit of the great man…