i will still be whole

Emily Davis and The Bunker present

i will still be whole (when you rip me in half)

written by Ava Wong Davies

directed by Helen Morley

"Beautiful, brutally honest lines... Do delivers them with a startling openness and vulnerability."
The Stage

"A gem of a play, soft and lyrical and full of promise."
The Spy in the Stalls

“And the stone which encased her body cracks open.
And she shakes off the vines and the dust.
And she feels the blood under her skin.”

In 1996, a young mother with a bag in her hand walks out of a small house in Shepherd’s Bush. She does not look back. 
In 2019, a daughter lies in a bath until her skin blooms. She looks up to stare at a crack in the ceiling. 
After 22 years, EJ prepares to meet the mother who left her. Joy prepares to meet the child she doesn't know. 
They run, they bathe, they inhale, they wait. 
i will still be whole... is a lyrical interlinking of monologues devoted to race, belonging, and what we inherit from our parents.
"a tender little green shoot of a piece" Lyn Gardner
 “honest, bold and humane… both vivid and rare.” Stewart Pringle

Tuyen Do (King of Hell’s Palace) as Joy
Aoife Hinds (Derry Girls) as EJ
Ava Wong Davies is a playwright and theatre writer. She is a regular contributor to Exeunt Magazine and The Stage, and in 2018 she won The Sunday Times Harold Hobson Award. As a playwright, her work has been showcased at The Yard, The Bunker, Theatre Deli, the North Wall, and VAULTS Festival. She is currently part of the Soho Theatre Writers Lab 18-19, and one of the Bush Theatre’s Emerging Writers. 
Helen Morley is a theatre director/facilitator and the current Young Director at Prime Theatre, Swindon. She is the director of Reactivists, a theatre company interrogating theatre’s relationship to politics, activism and response. Recent projects include: I will still be whole… (VAULT festival, 2019), As it Happened (Contemporaneous Notes) (Reactivists, Edinburgh Fringe 2018), GWEILO (The Yard First Drafts, 2017), Listen Hear (The Freedom Project, MAC Birmingham 2016).

Emily Davis is a freelance theatre producer, and theatre administrator at Farnham Maltings in Surrey. For the past 2 years she has been been in-house producer for Emergency Chorus, who were named as one of the UK’s ‘best young theatre companies’ by the Guardian. Recent work includes: Landscape (1989) (Warwick Arts Centre, New Diorama Theatre, Edinburgh 2019) and This Noise's No One is Coming to Save You (Summer Tour, 2019).
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