Following the massive success of its four previous editions HerStory Theatre Festival arrives at The Bunker Theatre for its fifth edition.

Founded by Nastazja Somers, HerStory aims to challenge the misrepresentation of women in theatre by staging bold, intersectional, unapologetic, political work that puts a huge emphasis on placing multidimensional women centre stage. HerStory stages a multidisciplinary range of high quality new work which includes solo shows, new writing, spoken word or devised theatre.

Have you ever wondered how Barbie bends her arm? In her I CAN DO EVERYTHING BARBIE, Sedona Rose pokes fun at the ridiculous nature of gender stereotypes through acrobatics and physical comedy. 

Highly acclaimed actress Jessica Butcher (WHERE DO LITTLE BIRDS GO?) debut play BOOTS explores the relationship between sexual abuse and infertility as Tanya Loretta Dee plays the leading role of Willow.

Belgian/ Dutch theatremaker Elise van Lil tells the story of loss in her physical solo piece GEM.

Following the success of his debut play TORN APART (dissolution), Bj McNeill stages a fragment of his second play CORNFLAKE GIRL, which was written as a result of hours interviewing women who suffer with mental health issues…and who like Tori Amos.

Italian writer Cindy Marcolina questions the act of rioting and the consequences of patriarchal pressures in her compelling short piece THE QUIET RIOT.

Emma Harris’, I'M NERVOUS YOU'RE NERVOUS I'M NERVOUS... is a multimedia Meisner exercise/battle/duet between a recorded version of a woman and her live self. It examines the masochistic element of method acting, using a subverted version of the Meisner repetition exercise to explore how media depictions of women enter our subconscious and terrorise us. This piece will be directed by Aneesha Srinivasan.

HEAR ME OUT by a spoken word artist Kayla Feldman is a satire on female stereotypes seen in the media and attempts to embody intersectional feminism and the acceptance and empowerment of ALL women.

Alissa Cooper’s LOVE SONGS is a devised solo performance piece incorporating spoken word, music and comedy with audience interaction and a layered central narrative. Directed by Anna Jeary, this piece is a funny and relatable tale of childhood crushes, unrequited first loves and awkward bedroom encounters.

Simran Hunjun presents an autobiographical piece NERVOSA. Inspired by Pina Bausch - through movement and storytelling, the young artist presents the daily battle and struggle against pressures placed upon the female body.

SEEDS by an emerging all female theatre company BETWEEN CREATIVES, is a collection of coming of age stories rooted in truth and harvested from the soul. If nourished they will blossom. If forgotten they will wither.

With thanks to Eastlake Productions