Have I Told You I'm Writing A Play About My Vagina?

A Chucked Up Theatre original on stage for the first time

Have I Told You I'm Writing A Play About My Vagina?

written by Ella Langley

Edinburgh Fringe Preview

“She’s so rude. If we weren’t anatomically attached. You know?”

Bea’s vagina can narrate, DJ, and dance, but she can’t have sex; Vag’s Bea refuses to hear her issues: a will they-or-wont-they odd couple that happen to be anatomically attached. Have I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina? is a fast paced two-hander following one woman’s experience of living with vaginismus, an involuntary muscle contraction of the vagina that makes penetration painful or even impossible.

A skewering and honest jumble of sexual encounters, patronising pamphlet voice-overs, and a dilation samba; the piece slowly unravels an unconventional love story for the ages. It seeks to empower those who are female-identifying to build a lasting relationship with all parts of their anatomy. Chucked Up Theatre penetrates the core of this uncomfortable topic with sensitivity, experimentation and “an unabashed sense of feminist fun”.
Written by Ella Langley
Directed by Georgia Figgis
Performed by Christelle Elwin and Lottie Amor
Produced by Iona Purvis
Creatives Léo Monteiro, Chloe Weare, Johnny King, James Morris & Alastair McNamara