Imy Wyatt Corner presents


written by Anonymous

& other confessions


'This prods relentlessly and effectively at the gap between how women live and what we actually feel. Such honesty is an act of radicalism. More please' Lyn Gardner 

'A great big explosive celebration of women and the challenges they face in their lives' 
★★★★★ Voice Mag 

During childbirth, there’s a moment called the point of transition. It comes just before you have the urge to push. And it often brings with it a fear of death...

In raw detail, one woman confesses her darkest thoughts about motherhood. It's personal. But she challenges everyone to relate to what she has to say. After all, why is it that only stories with men at their hearts are seen as universal? Why is it always ‘everyman’ rather than ‘everywoman’? And why have female writers throughout history chosen anonymity?

In the medieval play 'Everyman', a male stand-in for humanity goes through a final reckoning before death. In this new play from an anonymous writer, a moment of ‘female reckoning’ is explored: motherhood (whether chosen or not), a role that threatens to bury the woman who came before.

Everywoman is a deep and dirty dive into being a woman, the danger of autobiography and the existential threat of motherhood. A one woman play by... Anonymous.

Wraparound childcare will be provided at all matinee performances for children under eight years old. All performances will be in a Relaxed Environment and are baby-friendly. 

Everywoman will be accompanied by five brand new 'confessions' on parenting and identity. See below for a full list of writers.

Cast & Creatives
Director: Amelia Sears
Cast: Jade Williams
Designer: Charlotte Espiner
Stage manager: Rose Toner
Lighting designer: Timothy Kelly
Sound designer: Kieran Lucas

Monday: With confessions written by Robyn Addison and Jenny Worton, performed by Robyn Addison
Tuesday: With a confession written and performed by Tinuke Craig
Wednesday: With a confession written and performed by Anna Jordan
Thursday: With a confession written by Hannah Khalil, performed by Rendah Heywood
Friday: With a confession written by Eve Leigh, performed by Nadia Clifford
Saturday: With a confession written by Leo Skilbeck, performed by Griffyn Gilligan
Alongside performances of Everywoman will be a series of events and workshops. See below for more information.