DumbWise Theatre presents


by Sophocles
in a new version by John Ward

A Mother clings to power whilst her Daughter screams murder.
An estranged Son is coming home.
A bloody family saga sprawling decades is about to reach its conclusion.
Everything is about to change

A Queen masterminds the murder of her Husband and takes the throne with her new lover. Her Daughter, Electra, grows up in the grip of a cruel regime, swearing revenge. Her Son Orestes, exiled as a boy and raised in the arms of the rebels, waits to embark on a holy mission to reclaim his country.

Two decades later a twist of fate brings Brother and Sister together; united by hate but divided by faith. With the country on the brink of civil war, the most powerful family in the Kingdom are torn apart from the inside as their dark past once again becomes the present.

The revolution will be televised, but are The Gods watching?

DumbWise reinvent the murderous Greek myth of power and prophecy as a lyrical modern epic with a live punk-rock score.

About DumbWise Theatre

DumbWise are an award-winning, actor-musician theatre company who fuse live musicianship, original songwriting and dynamic storytelling in the pursuit of creating new musical works for contemporary audiences. The company has a national reputation for reimagining classic and modern stories into groundbreaking actor-musician shows. Previous productions include; Faust (Brighton Fringe 2012, Greenwich Theatre 2013, UK Tour 2014) which won the Argus Angel Award; Matchgirls (Wilton’s Music Hall 2013) in association with Red Ladder Theatre and Unite the Union; and Terry Jones’s Nicobobinus (UK Tour 2015) with Red Ladder Theatre.

DumbWise Theatre run a groundbreaking actor-musician youth theatre programme. Working with young people aged 14-20 the project brings together actors and musicians to provide vital grassroots development for the next generation of actor-musicians.

Supported by the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.