The Bunker Theatre, Seaview Productions, and Desara Bosnja present


by Kevin Armento
directed by Joshua McTaggart

This isn’t like those other ones. This gets called something different.
It gets called the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. You guys made sure everyone knew my name.


January 1998: America is rocked by one of the biggest political sex scandals of all time.

Slyly exhuming the little blue dress that launched the biggest media circus of a generation, the five women who were at the centre of the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal collide on stage in this political thriller. A First Lady, a secretary, a daughter, a confidant, and an intern take us through the corridors of power and behind the closed doors where the abuse of that power took place.

A theatrical battle over exactly how it all went down, DEVIL WITH THE BLUE DRESS asks who were the heroes and villains, and why, twenty years later, we're only beginning to grapple with one of the most challenging questions in American political history: How do we respond to women seeking power, and the men who misuse it?

As the world faces a new dawn in how it thinks and talks about both historic and recent cases of abuse of power, DEVIL WITH THE BLUE DRESS takes us to the heart of the first sex scandal of the internet age.


This world premiere, produced by The Bunker Theatre, Seaview Productions, and Desara Bosnja, brings together American playwright Kevin Armento (Good Men Wanted, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) and The Bunker Theatre's Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart (Abigail, Marching On Together) in a collaboration that marks The Bunker's first American play to be staged in its space.