Damsel Develops

Damsel Productions presents


A Directing Festival


Damsel Develops is a new festival committed to helping emerging female directors develop work, with the hope of moving towards a future production. In September, Damsel Productions called out for project pitches from female directors across the UK. The pieces could be old, new, devised or adapted – all was welcome as long as it was written or conceived by women and committed to representing the female experience on stage. 

Damsel has brought a group of eight exciting emerging female directors to bring their projects to the festival, Lucy Atkinson, Tania Azevedo, Melissa Dunne, Kerry Fitzgerald, Sara Joyce, Damsel AD Hannah Hauer-King, Rafaella Marcus and Justina Kehinde Ogunseitan.  Expect an eclectic week-long festival including rehearsed and staged readings, feedback sessions, excerpts of new work, and even live music. If you're someone who enjoys being exposed to the creative process and being introduced to emerging female artists, then you'll love Damsel Develops.

Damsel has also got on board a group of fantastic mentors, who will offer support and guidance to our chosen directors on their projects. The mentors for the festival include Maria AbergPaulette RandallMelly Still and Di Trevis. These busy, brilliant women have offered up their valuable time to offer feedback to individual directors on their initial project ideas, as well as give guidance on rehearsal plans and process. 

Click on the Damsel Colours below to read more about our fabulous directing groups. We hope you'll come to see the seeds of something exciting. And, as ever, to celebrate a lot of talented women!