PearShaped present


by Katie Caden

A chance meeting in a pharmacy. Alice is looking for the morning after pill. Instead she meets Jo, and is drawn into a world of radical, female activism.

Welcome to Conquest: the world’s first revenge cupcake company.

Following a ★★★★ run at VAULT Festival, PearShaped return with their “timely, humorous look at feminism, period-shaming and the glaring issues of a patriarchal society” (A Younger Theatre)

Described as Fight Club meets Calendar Girls, Conquest is a funny and honest exploration of sexual consent and the minefield of today’s feminism. With sex education repeatedly on the agenda in parliament and evidence of sexual misconduct continually re-surfacing in the media, this is a timely piece reflecting on consent and the inequalities women still face in the bedroom.

“This is a Conquest [people] should be boasting they have seen” (British Theatre Guide)

Conquest is the debut show from PearShaped, developed as part of Soho Theatre’s Writers Lab.


A Pint and a Play
“a witty, fast-paced play with the right amount of comedy and commentary on social injustice”


“a statement piece penned by Katie Caden... an exploration of the multidimensional female voice”


Breaking the Fourth Wall