Bunker Bites

Monday Club Presents:

Bunker Bites

Monday Club return to The Bunker after their Spring season of 'Late Nights'. 

Delivering their characteristic eclectic array of new work across the arts, Monday Club Presents: Bunker Bites is a three day festival featuring a handpicked selection of pieces ranging from theatre to dance, film to drag, clown to burlesque and more. 

Wednesday December 6th

Compered by Sketch Comedy Trio:
Princes of Main

Dance Method 3.4
Dance choreographed by Felix Denton

Je suis Charlie
Short play by Nick Maynard

Juggling by Daniel Simu

See Thee Lie 
Short play by Christopher Moore

Bites' Burlesque
performed by:
Purrsia Kitt - 'Sex Magick'
Ginger Lust - 'Stone Goddess'
Bambi Bang Bang - 'Cookie Monster'

Thursday December 7th

Compered by Sketch Comedy Duo:
Moon Comedy

As Yet Unknown

Short play by David Young

The Lawyer
Clowning by Christian Brighty

Wolves will be Watching 
Dance by The Sparse Collective

All Four of Them 
Short play by Linda Morse

Musicorum by Bamboo Mustard

Friday December 8th

Compered by Sketch Comedy Trio:
Muriel Comedy

Swapping Shadows
Dance performed by Shivaangee Agrawal & Yanaëlle Thiran

Sleeping Beauty
Short play by Maud Dromgoole

No Yeah
Short play by Nick Oliver

Please Don't Feed The Animals
Short film by Daisy Long 

The Amazing Devil
Live Band