Athenaeum Productions presents


by George Jaques

“Just breathe”. Often this is the best advice we have to offer anyone when the pressures of life gets too much. But what about when these two words just aren’t enough? In our relentless pursuit for perfection - to look perfect, to act perfect, to be perfect - the overwhelming pressure cannot always be remedied by these two worn out words. BREATHE, the latest play by George Jaques, explores the anxieties of everyday life and how that manifests into three adolescent couples who are radically different but ultimately united by their shared burden.
Athenaeum are proud to be supporting Childline as their charitable partners. Please give whatever you can to their Just Giving Page here, or donate at the show. 
Douglas Clarke-Wood
Martha Hay
George Jaques
Byron Easmon
Elizabeth Brierley
Gus Flind-Henry
George Jaques – Writer & Producer
Hannah Hauer-King – Director
Joe Price - Lighting & Sound Design
Cindy Lin - Set & Costume Design
Henry Parritt – Technical Manager
Joshua McTaggart – Dramaturg


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Jason Flemying