W14 Productions & The Bunker present a double bill:


by Monsay Whitney

directed by Stef O’Driscoll
in double bill with KILLYMUCK

Ever get the feeling you’re going round in one big circle? Ten years. Back and forth between a trio of arseholes and nothing to show for it except a baby, an Argos ring and a busted nose. At the refuge they call that a pattern.

Moving, truthful and darkly comic, Box Clever is about one woman’s experience of a refuge and a Mother’s commitment to do the best for her daughter.

written by Monsay Whitney
directed by Stef O’Driscoll

Originally developed with The Marlowe Theatre ROAR programme and nabokov

BOX CLEVER is presented in double bill with KILLYMUCK
We are not all born equal. If you're born into a benefits or working class family, you have less: less money, less support and crucially, less opportunity. These two plays explore the political cause and effect of what being born with less means. KILLYMUCK gives an insight into how growing up on a council estate affects the present and informs the future. BOX CLEVER confronts us with the repercussions of systemic failure in politics to care about the benefits or working class. Written with humour, care and urgency, this double bill of one woman shows put female benefits class and working class voices front and centre. 
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