Bechdel Testing Life

Bechdel Testing Life

Bechdel Theatre presents four short plays by Isley Lynn, Rabiah Hussain, Guleraana Mir, and Lizzie Milton.

Each play is inspired by a real-life conversation between women.

The Experiment:

Inspired by the famous Bechdel Test, which asks: “Are there two female characters? Do they talk to each other? About something other than a man?”, we asked women to record their own conversations with each other - to pass the Bechdel Test in real life.

Then we gave their recordings to a team of fantastic female playwrights.

The Result:

Four new plays exploring the relationships that make up our daily lives but are less often represented in fiction. 

Bechdel Testing Life is a celebration of the complex, intimate, hilarious, and genius conversations that take place when women get together.