Baby, What Blessings

Three Sisters Productions present

Baby, What Blessings

written by Siofra Dromgoole

Edinburgh Fringe Preview

“The other day I told someone I didn’t think anyone did 69 between the ages of eighteen and fifty. Before you know what you’re doing, and then again when you really know what you’re doing.”
Meet Billie. 19 at the start of the play. Hilariously self-aware and hopelessly naïve. She’s at the age where every single thing she sees and learns causes her to utterly reassess her life. And the largest thing to happen is Amal.
“I’m not saying love at first sight. And obviously you can find people attractive however many very many times a day. So not lust either. It’s like this tug of expectation – as if here, in this new person, is possibility.”

Darkly comic, Baby, What Blessings follows the trajectory of a relationship throughout student years. The visceral impact of first love, jealousy and joy are as gutting as physical violence, as Billie must learn to hold herself responsible. 

After our critically acclaimed Walk Swiftly and With Purpose, Three Sisters returns with Siofra Dromgoole’s new play.

Previous praise for Three Sisters includes:

"Dromgoole's script is a work of tightly-wound heartbreak and delight" ★★★★★ ( 

"The extraordinary potential of the all-female crew behind this production is unprecedented: the way I see it, the sky is the limit" ★★★★★ (

Written by Siofra Dromgoole
Directed by Imy Wyatt Corner
Produced by Eliza Bacon
Assistant Director Cara Dromgoole
Set Designer Billy Metcalfe

Billie - Grainne Dromgoole