and so the choir gathers

Liv Wynter and The Bunker present in association with Free Word

and so the choir gathers

created by Liv Wynter 

A new live performance by Liv Wynter featuring a group of anarchic and politically enraged untrained performers and musicians, Liv Wynter's new performance explores the importance of subculture as a tool for radical organising. If The Specials, who were last in the spotlight for being an anti-Thatcher and anti-racist ska band, have made a new album during the Theresa May era - what does this mean for political progress in the UK? And if punk is really dead, are we next?

First Commissioned by Free Word, as part of their All the Ways we Could Grow​ season.

Created by Liv Wynter

The Polemic - Liv Wynter

The Choir  
Chanel Vegas
Sam the Plumber
Andrew Palmer
+ more tbc.

The Band
Jake Poll
Caitlin King
Ciaran King
Les Miserables