31 Hours

W14 Productions presents

31 Hours

by Kieran Knowles


What happens when you have to clean up the worst day of someone else’s life? 

John, Doug, Ste, and Neil work on the railways. They won't sell you a ticket and they don’t drive a train. 

Every 31 hours someone takes their own life on the railways in the U.K rail network. It is ten times more likely to be a man.

"100 years ago the biggest killer of young men was war, now they kill themselves."

31 Hours is the story of four men who clean up the aftermath of rail suicides. It is about the slippery reality of mental health and the inability to communicate issues. Kieran Knowles skilfully interweaves the story of the men who clean up after incidents with those who are driven to take such desperate measures. It is an analysis of the choice and an exploration of the consequences. 

Filled with humour and humanity it explores four men's inability to talk about their emotions and the consequence of their silence.

Directed by Abigail Graham

On Operation Crucible (Kieran Knowles' first play)

"remarkable” The Guardian (★★★★)

“A smashing first play” New York Times

“Shot through with no-nonsense humour.” Time Out (★★★★)


With thanks to the Carne Trust