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Get Involved

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The Bunker is always keen to hear from artists who are looking to find a home for their work. The Bunker aims to programme ambitious, adventerous, and contemporary performances across all genres. We look to our artists to interpret this expectation in their own unique and individual way, and we encourage you to explore the work The Bunker has already programmed to get a taste and feel for the sort of theatre we are interested in. 

Show Invites

  • Name of the show
  • The theatre/location
  • The dates and times
  • A link to furhter information about the show

Ways of Performing at The Bunker

A Main House Show
Normally programmed for 4-5 weeks, and sometimes for shorter runs, Main House Shows form the core of each season at The Bunker. The Bunker team work to curate each season of Main House shows to present a diverse and unique combination of shows and artists, with an eye to work that is contemporary and ambitious in both its content and form. 
One-Night shows
Alongside our main house programming, The Bunker plays host to a variety of theatre, music, dance, and movie showings on individual nights - Normally Sunday or Monday nights. These evenings are an opportunity to experiment with your craft and explore with an audience. Some companues, such as Pint-Sized Plays, have residencies at The Bunker and appear frequently with us. With this in mind, we are looking for artists who want to spend an evening creating something for an audience that goes beyond a one night stand. If you think you have something that fits, then let us know. 
Post-Show Events
At The Bunker, our audiences don't just come for a show: They come for an evening of adventure and entertainment. Every night, once the main house show has ended, there are a range of events that audiences are treated to. From art installations, to comedy nights, to dance flash mobs, to an evening of board games, The Bunker is a space that doesn't stop until the doors close. If you are developing something new and want to showcase it to a captive audience after a main house show, or have an installation that is looking for a temporary home, or if you want to run a workshop for our audiences, then we want to hear from you. 
Submitting a Show
We are in the process of updating our show submission policy. Please check back here soon for the full application process.
Rehearsal Space Hire 
If you would like to hire the Bunker for rehearsal space, audition space, or a space for an industry reading or sharing, please contact us at [email protected].