Visiting Us

Visiting Us


The Bunker Theatre aims to be as accessible as possible in everything we do. The Bunker is situated at the bottom of a ramp in a former parking garage in the basement of a Grade ii Listed Building. We have made all efforts to make the venue as accessible as possible. If we can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable then please do contact us in advance of your visit. We want to ensure your evening at The Bunker is smooth, enjoyable, and as much fun as possible.

There is a Visual Guide available HERE to prepare you for your visit. Our productions will have their own Visual Guides available from the What's On page. For more information ahead of your visit, please contact The Bunker on 020 7403 1139, or email Box Office at [email protected].

For dates of upcoming accessible performances, please click here.

More info:
      Wheelchair Access
      Disabled Parking Spaces near to The Bunker

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We offer concession tickets for disabled people. If you require the assistance of a friend or helper to attend we can make a free ticket available for your companion. Please contact the Box Office on 020 7403 1139 or at  [email protected] to book. 

 Wheelchair Access

The Bunker can accommodate up to six wheelchair users at each performance. If you are planning to visit The Bunker and need to reserve a wheelchair space, please contact us as you are booking your ticket.

The Bunker is accessed by two ramps that have a steep incline, and the entrance to the auditorium involves a tight turning circle. Wheelchair users may require assistance to ensure safe and smooth access.
There are spaces for six wheelchairs to be positioned in the front row of seating in the venue with excellent views of the stage. We can also arrange spaces for an essential companion (carer or supporter), who will be allocated a free ticket. Please get in touch before your arrival so we are best prepared to accommodate your needs.

There is an accessible toilet adjacent to the entrance of The Bunker as part of the venue’s main toilet block.

The Bunker Stage is fully accessible to artists in wheelchairs.

 Disabled Parking Spaces near to The Bunker

2 spaces - Short stay (3 hours) - Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU (directly opposite the entrance to The Bunker)

1 space - 22 Park St, London SE1 9EQ

2 spaces - On the corner of Union St and Pepper St, London SE1 0LG
3 spaces - Short stay (4 hours) - Stoney Street, London SE1 9AF

 Relaxed Performances

These are specially planned and programmed performances of the show where everyone is welcome, and may particularly suit those who feel they would benefit from a more informal environment when visiting the theatre, for instance those who may be on the autistic spectrum, have Tourette Syndrome, anxiety, sensory or communication impairments, or other learning disabilities. These performances take a more laid-back approach to noises or movement coming from the audience and they give everyone permission to relax and respond naturally. 

What's different?
  • the lights in the audience will be kept on at a low level so that it's not too dark
  • you can make noise during the show
  • you can come and go as you please
  • there is 'break-out' space with soft furnishings
  • we may make small changes to the lights and sound (such as taking out strobe lights) so that the performance is more accessible if you have sensitivities to sudden or flashing lights, or loud noises.
Anyone should feel welcome to attend. Some people may choose to attend as an access requirement or because they like the inclusive environment, as well as for many other reasons. Babes-in-arms are also welcome at these performances. 

 Relaxed Environment

Relaxed Environment performances aim to create a space for everyone, especially people who would benefit from a more informal experience. At these performances we do not make any changes to the technical elements of the production. Some of the things that will be in place include:

  • A relaxed attitude to noise in the auditorium. You are welcome to respond to the show in whatever way feels natural.
  • You can enter and exit the auditorium as you please.
  • There will be a 'break-out' space with soft furnishings.
Babes-in-arms are also welcome at these performances.


 Service Dogs

You are welcome to bring your service dog into the auditorium. Let us know, and we can reserve an appropriate seat for you. 


 D/deaf and Hard of Hearing

We provide read-along scripts for all of our main house productions. These are copies of the script which enable you to read the actors’ words as they are spoken or sung, and provides information such as sound effects and music. Read-along scripts may also be useful for people who speak English as a second language, or when actors speak with strong accents. You can ask for one of these at Box Office when you arrive, or email us before your visit at [email protected].

 Captioned Performances 

We have some scheduled Captioned Performances. Captions are either projected, or provided to your mobile device using The Difference Engine. The captions will provide the actors’ words as they are spoken or sung, and information such as sound effects and music. Captioning may also be useful for people who speak English as a second language, or when actors speak with strong accents.

 Audio Described Performances

Audio description is a live verbal commentary providing information on the visual elements of the production as it unfolds. It describes action that is essential to an understanding of the play's story, as well as other visual information such as the style and design of a production, facial expressions and visual jokes that a blind or visually impaired member of the audience might otherwise miss. The description is delivered in between the dialogue of a performance and is picked up by the audience member wearing a special lightweight headset that is easy to use.

Touch Tours

There will often be a touch tour available before an Audio Described performance, free for ticket holders. A Touch Tour may be useful for blind and visually impaired audience members to familiarise themselves with the set, props and costumes ahead of the performance.

Transport Guides

If you need a guide to meet you from a local tube station, bus stop or taxi stop to help you make your way to the venue, we can often arrange for a steward to meet you. Please do contact us in advance to let us know.


If you feel you might need help to get around, have any ideas about what we could do better or just want to know more about our access facilities, please contact us using one of the following methods:
Phone:  020 7403 1139

Email:  [email protected]

The Bunker Theatre
53a Southwark Street

Accessible Performances coming up:

MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Mon 25 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Tuesday 26 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Wednesdays 27 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Thursday 28 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Friday 29 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
MY WHITE BEST FRIEND: Saturday 30 November, 8.00pm  ( Relaxed)
LITTLE MISS BURDEN: Thursday 12 December, 7.30pm ( Captioned)
LITTLE MISS BURDEN: Saturday 14 December, 3.00pm  ( Relaxed)
LITTLE MISS BURDEN: Saturday 14 December, 7.30pm ( Captioned)
LEAVING: Sunday 15 December, 7.30pm  ( Relaxed)
LITTLE MISS BURDEN: Wednesday 18 December, 7.30pm  ( Relaxed,  Captioned)
LITTLE MISS BURDEN: Thursday 19th December, 7.30pm ( Captioned)
THE PROCESS: 11 January - 1 February 2020 (  every performance will be in a Relaxed Environment & told in a combination of integrated BSL and spoken English)
THE PROCESS: Tuesday 14 January, 7.30pm (  +  Captioned)
THE PROCESS: Saturday 18 January, 7.30pm (  +  Captioned)
THE PROCESS: Tuesday 21 January, 7.30pm ( +  Relaxed Performance)
THE GIRL WITH GLITTER IN HER EYE: Sunday 20 January, 7.30pm ( +  Relaxed Performance)
THE PROCESS: Thursday 23 January, 7.30pm (  +  Captioned)
THE PROCESS: Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm (  +  Relaxed performance  Captioned)
THE PROCESS: Thursday 30 January, 7.30pm (  +  Audio Described + Touch Tour available)