About Us

About Us

The Bunker Ethos

The Bunker is a playground for artists and audiences alike, and this sense of play and exploration guides all the work we programme and present. We are driven by three core principles: Create, Curate, and Cultivate.


We want to empower our collaborators to create work that speaks to the here and now. The Bunker isn’t just a place to perform, it is a space to rehearse, experiment, and explore, before presenting work to an audience. The Bunker is committed to helping artists at each stage of their creative process, from inception, through development, right up to performance and beyond.


We believe a night at the theatre should begin before the curtain rises and continue long after the applause ends. The Bunker is a place for happenings: Each show in our season will have a series of curated events that complement and engage with the main programming. From art installations to films, poetry performances to live music, an evening at The Bunker will be an event in itself that extends beyond an ordinary evening at the theatre.


We value our relationships with artists and audiences alike, and it is important to us that as The Bunker grows so do our collaborations. We want to cultivate relationships with a wide range of artists across a multitude of disciplines, and in doing so we hope to reach a diverse audience who want to be engaged, entertained, and challenged in equal measures.